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My name is Laura

I'm a self-taught artist and illustrator living in sunny Florida. Much of my work is heavily inspired by my home state, as there are so many unique and beautiful species here! Animals and nature are my primary subjects, and I love to bring out their character through my colorful and whimsical style. 

All of my illustrations are backed my desire to bring awareness to animal conservation. I work to partner with conservations, rescues, and sanctuaries so that my artwork may support the animals that I paint. 

It's my mission as an artist and animal advocate to give back to the animals and the people who care for them through my work. 

Donation FAQ


How do I make my donations?

Every quarter I donate to the conservations that have reached a threshold of at least $15. This way I can assure the conservations are getting a decent donation. 

Who do I donate to?

Whenever I make a new animal, I go in search of an accredited organization that supports the conservation of that animal. 

Are you officially partnered with these conservations?

Some! I have a relationship with a few, but some don't even know I donate to them! I hope to gain relationships with as many as I can. 

Do you do free work for non-profits?

Occasionally when I offer to, or if I have the time and means to. My art is my main income, which is why I try to find a balance between supporting the animals I love, and supporting myself! Working on a project that is mutually beneficial is what I aim for. 

What portion of sales do you donate?

All my online and in person event sales I donate .25 cents to .50 cents per sticker and card, and 10% for each print. I donate 5% of any other sale such as wholesale purchases and custom work. You can see my donation receipts through my instagram "donation" highlight. 


Wholesale Donations

5% of my wholesale proceeds go towards the conservation representing whatever item(s) purchased. Every design represents a conservation which can be found in the catalog. Donations are made quarterly if the the threshold of at least $15 is met for the conservation. You can view my conservation contributions through my instagram story highlights under "donations." 

Wholesale Donations

My Artwork Supports these incredible non-profits

Offically partnered with

red panda network logo.png
paw warriors.jpg
navarre turtle.png
seaside seabird sanctuary.png

Currently donating to

painted dog conservation.png
Are you a conservation?
I would love to work with you!

Tell me all about your conservation and I can tell what I can do for you! I'm open to helping in fundraising, social media posts, and merchandise! 

Thanks for submitting!

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