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All Pets Welcome

From fur to feathers to scales and slimy skin. They are our family and deserve to be forever remembered in a beautiful painting that represents their unique personality.

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Character Package

  • An adorable design of your furry friend as a character! Straight our of his/her movie.

  • This package comes with a high resolution digital and physical copy of an 8x10 matted print

  • Pricing can increase with added backgrounds, props, print size, pets and other goodies.



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Memorial Package

  • A stunning portrait of your furbaby that has crossed the rainbow bridge. Painted so that your pet’s personality may live on in this semi-realistc portrait.

  • Comes with both a high resolution digital and physical copy of an 11x14 matted print. You can also choose your background.

  • Pricing can increase with added pets, prints, and other goodies.



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Detailed Character Package

  • A more realistic looking character of your furbaby! Much more detail is put into this portrait vs the Character Package.

  • This package comes with a high resolution digital and physical copy of a matted 8x10 print. A plain or watercolor background is inclunded.

  • Pricing can increase with added backgrounds, props, complex fur, print size, pets, and other goodies.



Realistic Portrait Package

  • A beautifully painted semi-realistic portrait of your furbaby! These portraits are given a “little character” to enhance the pet’s personality.

  • Comes with both a high resolution digital and physical copy of a 8x10 matted print. A plain or watercolor background is included.

  • Pricing can increase with added pets, print size, backgrounds, props and other goodies.



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Shipping & Payment



  • Payment can be made via PayPal, check or card. You do not need a PayPal account in order to pay on your invoice. Invoice will be sent to you through your email.

  • ALL portraits must have a downpayment of half the cost in order to lock in your order. The rest will be put down before shipment. Larger orders can be made in increments.


  • Shipping is a flat rate of $10. This insures your painting does not bend, get wet or damaged on it's journey to you. $50 of insurance is included. Local delivery is free!


  • When you’re ready to order please fill out the form below and answer the questions. This form is an inquiry and you will not be asked to pay until we've discussed your portrait.




Additional Prints

  • 5x7 - $20

  • 8x10 - $30

  • 11x14 - $45
    These come matted as well.

Stickers, Cards & More

  • Stickers are weatherproof and vibrant

  • 3 inch sticker - $3.75
    4 inch sticker - $5.55

  • 5.25x5.25 card - $4.55

  • 3 inch ornament - $7.00

  • 5x7 greeting card - $5.00

  • Wood framed - $ Pricing Varries$

Additional Pets + People

  • For every additional pet there is a $10 discount. Pets can be added to the same portrait, OR on a separate print with the addition of the added print price.

  • Adding a person to the portrait is an additional $20 on top of the second portrait.
    Example:/ Memorial package $65 (one pet portrait) + $85 (added owner portrait)

Fur, Props & Backgrounds

  • Complex Fur such as curls, long hair, feathers and wrinkles can increase the price from $5-$10.

  • Prop pricing depends on the item and the amount. Props include clothing, toys etc.

  • Background pricing depends on complexity, but will not be more than an addtional $40.


Portrait Information

  • Portaits are painted digitally via iPad and computer. They are NOT digitally rendered from an existing photo. They are 100% authentic with each "brushstroke" of my tablet pen.

  • Portraits are printed on a glossy or matte photo paper. Glossy is standard unless otherwise specified. They are then hand signed by the artist. Paper thickness is 48-49lbs.

  • All portraits come matted in white or available specified color. They can be framed with available frames I have on hand.


  • A down payment must be made for your order to be started and reserve your spot in line. You will receive the finished piece only when your final payment has been made.

  • Cancelations can be made. If you decided to cancel before your portrait has been started (you will be informed when) then you may receive the refund of your initial payment. You can cancel at any time in the process, but the downpayment won’t be refunded.

  • Refunds can only be given if the portrait hasn’t been started. There are no exceptions. If you decide you do not like the portrait or changed your mind about a particular thing I can work with you to improve the piece, but will not redraw the entire portrait or tweak it more than two times. You are instructed to let me know exactly what you want in the beginning and I will go directly from that.

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