Black-Bellied Pangolin Sticker

Black-Bellied Pangolin Sticker


Sold in packs of 10 per size


☼ The Artwork ☼

Shy is this nature, but their cuteness is always present with the pangolin! Meet the black-bellied pangolin, smaller in size from the white bellied ground pangolin species, they spend their days in the trees. Their tails are extra long to help them navigate amongst the branches. This species of pangolin is classified as vulnerable, and are facing threats of hunting for their scales and meat. There are 8 species of pangolin, two are listed as critically endangered. They're the worlds most trafficed land mammal.

Size shown is 3.25 inches


☼ Custom Design ☼

Orders over $100 can add logos and location names to the sticker. Please inquire before checkout so we can chat about your ideas! 


  • Item Specs

    ☼ Sticker Information ☼
    - 100% handmade in home studio
    - Weatherproof
    - Scratch Resistant
    - UV Resistant
    - Dishwasher Safe
    - You can put these on waterbottle, electronics, notebooks, automobiles, motorcycles, skateboards, surfboards, kayaks, and so much more!
    - Easy peel and stick

    ☼ Sticker Care ☼
    • Sticker works best on smooth surfaces, but can do well on some textured surfaces like leather
    • Has 2 year outdoor life in full sun and 3+ year indoors.

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    2 Inch - $1.50 +

    3 Inch - $3.50 +

    4 Inch - $5.50 +

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