California State Animal Sticker

California State Animal Sticker


☼The Artwork☼
Much of wild California put into one design! Find it's official state animals and more! Featuring the Grizzly bear, mule deer, sea otter, harbor seal, grey whale, leatherback sea turtle, mountain lion, desert hare, desert tortoise, coyotee, dogface butterfly, California quail, golden trout, grapes, gold, joshua tree, cacti, golden poppy, purple needle grass, and redwood. Makes a wonderful gift for any california past or current native! Or if you've traveled here, but couldn't find the perfect sticker for your waterbottle.

  • Item Specs

    ☼ Sticker Information ☼

    - Sticker is approx 4.2 & 5.2 inches
    - 100% handmade in home studio
    - Weatherproof
    - Scratch Resistant
    - UV Resistant
    - Dishwasher Safe
    - You can put these on waterbottle, electronics, notebooks, automobiles, motorcycles, skateboards, surfboards, kayaks, and so much more!
    - Easy peel and stick

    ☼ Sticker Care ☼
    • Sticker works best on smooth surfaces, but can do well on some textured surfaces like leather
    • Has 2 year outdoor life in full sun and 3+ year indoors.

  • Return and Refund Policy

    We only accept returns on the event the items have been damaged in transit to you, or an error was made on our part. We will do an exchange or refund you the full amount. If you decide you don't like the items, you may exchange it for a different design of equal or greater value. Refunds/exchanges must be declared within 5 days of delivery. Custom orders can NOT be refunded, but may be exchanged if damaged in transit. 

    Items must be returned in order to receive a refund or be exchanged. 

  • Shipping

    Flat rate sticker shippment: $1.50

    To ship within 1-2 days of purchase. 

    Shipment time is 3-5 business days. 

    Orders under $30 are shipped by stamp without tracking. If you're in need of tracking you may request it before check out for an additional $2

  • Doantions

    ☼ The Donation ☼
    Every sticker donates .50 cents! The selected conservation for this design is: California Wildlife Center. They protect California's native wildlife through rescue and rehabilitation. They work to educate the local communities to protect the natural environment. Their huge rehabilitation facility has the ability to care for 60,000 animal patients!